Fish Markets

Join the Noyo Harbor District in Grader Park in South Harbor for Fish Markets! The fleet will be selling their catches off their boats and a plethora of local vendors will selling their wares in Grader Park.

Dates & Times:

April 9th 10am-2pm

May 21st 10am-2pm

June 11th  10am-2pm

July 9th 10am-2pm

August 13th 10am-2pm

September 3rd 10am-2pm

Vendors: If you are interested in being a vendor please contact Anna at the Noyo Harbor Office and ask for the sign up email

Fishermen: If you want to participate you will be required to have a Retail License issued via CDFW. Also please contact the Harbor Office and let us know where you will be! We can also work to move your boat closer to the action depending on slip availability and your vessel size.