About the Noyo Harbor District

The Noyo Harbor Commission, consisting of five members, is the governing body of the Noyo Harbor District; a special public district and political subdivision of the State of California, organized under Section 6200 et seq. of the California Harbors and Navigation Code. The Commission has the ultimate authority of and directs all phases of operations of the Noyo Mooring Basin at Noyo Harbor; plans for the future use and development of Harbor District property and facilities; represents the Noyo Harbor District in contacts with Federal, State, County, City and other public and private agencies; supervises the preparation of and adopts the annual budget. The Commissioners are not compensated for their service to the Harbor District.

They meet regularly on the second Thursday of each month.


The primary mission of the Noyo Harbor District is to ensure that the Noyo Harbor District is a viable operational and financial entity, providing boating and marine related opportunities for the public.

  • Jim Hurst- Chairman
  • Doug Albin- Vice Chairman
  • Grant Downie
  • Dan Platt
  • Richard Shoemaker


Anna Neumann  Harbormaster

Kim McLaughlin – Admin Assistant

Jay Koski – Lead Maintenance

Bruce Koski- Maintenance

Bob Scofeild – Maintenance