Community Sustainability Plan

Noyo Harbor BoatsA Community Sustainability Plan (CSP) is prepared to serve the interests of the local commercial fishing industry, which provides an important healthy food source, employment, economic benefits and serves as an enduring part of the Noyo-Harbor Fort Bragg cultural heritage.

The commercial fishing industry both supports and relies upon harbor infrastructure, waterfront businesses, and informed consumers. The fishing community has had to be resilient to economic, environmental, and regulatory changes that have both reduced and changed fishing opportunities and practices. A CSP accounts for economic, social, and environmental conditions, and provides a set of prioritized recommendations. The CSP content is grounded in research, trends documentation, surveys, best practices, government data, and technical reports.

The CSP purpose is to:

• Offer a long term, strategic roadmap for the commercial fishing industry and Noyo Harbor District on the priorities and actions in allocating commercial fishing industry resources;
• Provide a comprehensive baseline and accessible store of data on the performance and contributions of commercial fishing in Noyo Harbor;
• Provide a way for fishermen to communicate their needs and accomplishments to the public as well as to state and federal policy makers, local government, and the greater working waterfront community;
• Give the commercial fishing industry a stronger voice in management of the physical infrastructure and operations and the decisions that affect their livelihood;
• Raise awareness among local business, civic and political leaders, seafood consumers, and the broader community regarding the performance and role of commercial fishing; and
• Fulfill Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries and Conservation Act (MSA)requirements for fishing communities engaged in the West Coast Limited Entry Groundfish trawl fishery.

The Noyo Harbor District envisions the CSP as a strategic planning opportunity for shaping policy, preserving their working waterfront, and increasing commercial fishing industry support. The District, and the community it serves, are very aware of the waterfront’s importance in providing jobs, community investment, tourism, marine stewardship, and ultimately a unique regional cultural heritage and identity.

This community-guided plan assesses economic, infrastructure, social and environmental factors in Noyo Harbor to help guide developing & prioritizing improvement recommendations. Ultimately, as a strategic planning effort, a CSP is only as good as the data and community energy and input that goes into it. For further information, questions, comments or if you’d like to be added to our email list, please contact us.

CSP Documents